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Vey Talie Anais at Black&Chocolate

Birthday: 6/22/2009

Owner name: Zierova L.

Manufacturer: Наталья Шамова (Россия, питомник "Vey Talie")

Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Bulgaria, Balkan Champion, Grand Chanpion of Bulgaria, FT Duck-III,HD-A; ED-0/0

Age on Photo: 3,5 years

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Vey Talie Laurier Knoydar No Nonsense


Knoydar No Nonsense
Weathertop El Nino
Beechcroft`s Regal Air
Beechcroft`s Danish Skydiver
Beechcroft`s Danish Skydiver
Beechcroft`s Weathertop Wind
Cambremer Tudor Minsterel
Beechcrof `s Trillium
Ramsayville Reba At Knoydar
Poolstead Pumpkin
Sloane Ranger Of Bulgenen
Poolstead Pipe Dreamer
Ramsayville Rosalino
Mardas Master Marine
Raising Hell At Ramsayvile
Vey Talie Laurier
Wit`s End Windfall Flyn O`Hyspire
Dickendall Davaron Gable

MULTI CH, CH USA, OFA HIPS - Good ~ OFA Elbows - Normal ~ PRA Clear ~ CERF Clear ~ By
Dickendall Arnold

CH USA, OFA HIPS - Good ~ ACVO Clear ~ BB
Windfall Lubberline Regata
Hunt Club Clayview Rainman
Loilalhart Heigh Ho Dear Heart
Strongline's Goblin
Biggas Ynga
Ipohin Strongly Lined
Strongline's Keep Smiling
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Strongline's Ever Known
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