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Girl 3

Birthday: 8/14/2022

Owner name: rez

Manufacturer: Lilia Zierova (Ukraine, "Black&Chocolate")

Age on Photo: 45 days

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O Sole Mio Black&Chocolate Banana Republic Bella Mare
Ukraine, "Black&Chocolate" Sonia Czajor, Bella Mare kennel, Poland


Banana Republic Bella Mare

Ch Poland, HD - A/A, ED - 0/0,PRA - N/N, EIC - N/N, HNPK -N/M
Bruno Banani Bella Mare

AMERICAN CHAMPION POLISH CHAMPION POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION, HD-A, ED 0/0 prcd-PRA - clear by parentage EIC (Excercise Induced Collapse) - clear by parentage HNPK - clear by parentage CNM - clear Long coat - clear
Dickendall Ez Rock
Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble
Dickendall Buckstone Hopefull
Should Not Sell Bella Mare
Tabatha's Burly
Can Not Sell Bella Mare
Rain Or Shine Bella Mare

HD-A, ED 0/0 prcd-PRA - clear EIC - clear
Hoffman's Stop And Stare

Purple Rain Bella Mare

O Sole Mio Black&Chocolate

HD - A/A, ED- 0/0, OptiGen A - by parentage, EIC N/N - by parentage, HNPK N/N - by parentage, Champion of Ukraine, Junior Champion of Ukraine
Chablais Rendez-Vous

American Champion Canadian Champion Canadian Grandchampion Best In Specialty Show prcd-PRA - clear EIC (Excercise Induced Collapse) - clear HNPK - clear CNM - clear long coat - clear hips - good elbows - normal eyes - clear heart - clear
Shalimar's The Animator

Nipntuck HySpire Unforgettable
Shalimar HySpire Biding My Time
Chablais Chouchou WC

Chablais Brookhill Joss
Chablais Babychou
Laura Rose Black&Chocolate

OptiGen A - by parentage, EIC N/N, HNPK N/N - by parentage, HD- A, ED - 0/0, Champion of Ukraine, Champion Bulgaria, Gr.Ch. Bulgaria, Balcan Champion, Champion of Moldova, Grand Champion of Moldova, Junior Champion of Ukraine, Junior Champion of Moldova
Waterline’s Think Twice

hips B/A elbows 0:0 eyes clear (Nov’14) prcd-PRA Clear By Parentage EIC Carrier (n/EIC) HNPK (Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis) Clear (n/n) CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) Clear (n/n) CY (Cystinuria) Clear (n/n) DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) Clear (n/n) HUU (Hyperuricosuria) Clear (n/n) PKD (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) Clear (n/n)
Mtn Meadow Buckeye Brutus

AM BISS GCH, OFA Hips Good OFA Elbows Normal Eyes CERF EIC Clear PRA Clear Heart Clear
Follies Maryland

HD A/A ED 0:0, Eyes Clear, prcd-PRA Clear, EIC Carrier (N/EIC)
Coffe Gild z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury

HD-A/A . ED-0/0, OptiGen A - by parentage, EIC N/N - by parentage,HNPK N/N - by parentage, Champion candidate of Ukraine
Queijeiro Dolce Gabbana

HD-A, ED 0/0, prcd-PRA - clear, EIC - clear, Polish Champion, Polish Junior Champion, Ukrainian Junior Champion, Costa Rican Junior Champion, Chile Junior Champion
Scarlet z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury

HD A , ED 0/0 ,OptiGen A , EIC N/N
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